2013 Jetlev-Flyer JF260

by: Jetlev-Flyer UK

2013 Jetlev Flyer JF260 for Sale.

This Jetlev Flyer has been used as part of our experience operation and has a little over 100 hours on it. It has been fully serviced every 30 hours and will be supplied with a brand new Jetpack, new hose sheath and new fly by wire cable.

We will offer you a 1 day training course at our Bedfordshire site to master the basic flying techniques: take-off, landing, hovering and manoeuvring. Instruction will also be given to show how to use the remote control to train others and also how to serve and maintain the JF-260.

This boat has been used in Fresh Water only so there are no signs of corrosion. Due to the nature of the use there are a few scratches showing on the carbon fibre.

The Jetlev Flyer JF 260

The top of the line model, which will exceed all of your expectations. With a 4-stroke 26-HP marine engine, this is the fastest, the most powerful and the most agile Jetlev-Flyer you can buy.

It represents the ultimate in luxury, handling and performance. With flights times of up to 2 hours, flying up to 10m high and with a top speed of 50mph, the JF-260 is a one-of-a-kind machine. AND it is easy to fly!

Whether it is used for personal or commercial use, the JF-260 comes complete with a remote control for the instructor/pilot to teach others how to fly and a twin seat which allows the pilot to give thrilling passenger flights.

You will find the detailed technical specification of the JF-260, and our other models, here in the product catalogue.

Price excludes VAT and delivery within the UK.

If you have further questions please get in touch with Jetlev-Flyer UK via the contact form.

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