Welcome to Jetlev-Flyer UK

The only authorised UK Dealership for Jetlev-Flyer experiences, charters and products.

The Jetlev-Flyer is a German creation. All our units and equipment are developed and manufactured at the Jetlev-Flyer HQ in Germany. 

Jetlev-Flyer UK operates solo and twin seat flight experiences from Ride Leisure, Wyboston Lakes, MK44 3AL and Surrey Docks Watersports Centre, London SE16 7SX.

Jetlev-Flyer UK also offers sales, corporate events, charters and demonstrations all over the world.

Opened in May 2014, we are the UK outlet for Jetlev-Flyer products. Please contact us for all flight experiences and sales within the UK.

Each member of our sales and flight operations teams have been selected for their skills, professionalism and dedication to Jetlev-Flyer. We are all immensely proud of our brand, our products and the experiences we provide, be that sales, flights or private charters.

We love it, we hope you will to.