Jetlev-Flyer 120 (Shark)

by: Jetlev-Flyer UK

The newest addition to the Jetlev-Flyer range, released onto the market in 2014, The Shark (JF-120).

This brand new sensational watercraft will captivate you with its powerful performance, which is highly unexpected considering its size and weight!  It is the perfect toy for smaller yachts as it can be stored in most rear garages or on lower able swim platforms. Get maximum Jetlev-Flyer fun in, under and above the water for an unbeatable price.

You will find the detailed technical specification of the JF-120, and our other models, here in the product catalogue

Price excludes VAT and delivery within the UK.

If you have further questions please get in touch with Jetlev-Flyer UK via the contact form.

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