Jetlev-Flyer Twin Seat Flight Wyboston

by: Jetlev-Flyer UK

If you are looking for the fast track Jetlev-Flyer experience, then the twin flight is the perfect choice. Simply buckle in, and fly tandem with one of our qualified Jetlev-Flyer Instructors. This is a pure adrenaline rush!

In optimal conditions, the Jetlev-Flyer is capable of flying 10m high, and reaching speeds of 50mph! You could experience all of this under the complete control of a Jetlev Pilot.

Your session will last for around 20 minutes, and within that, you will have a personal flight time of 5 minutes. Each session has a capacity for 2 guests, so if you are booking by yourself, please be prepared to share your session with up to 1 other guest. If you and a friend wish to book a session to yourselves, you can do via the booking system.

How it will work on the day:

  • Arrive and check in with the Jetlev-Flyer team.
  • Change in to your Jet-Pilot wetsuit and you are ready for your experience to begin.
  • Meet your qualified Jetlev-Flyer Instructor who will show you the ropes.
  • Buckle in and enjoy the ride. It is exhilarating! 
  • After your session is up, you can pose for a photo with your pilot! Pretty cool.
  • We invite all of our guests to stick around after their flight and watch the Jetlev-Flyer.

If you are not 100% sure of the date you would like to fly, simply purchase a gift voucher instead. This enables the date and time of the flight to be book at a later date. Perfect if you're buying a gift for someone.

Restrictions: To be eligible for a Twin Seat Flight, you must be aged 6 and over, and weigh less than 50kg/8 stone with a maximum height of 5'6".

Location: Ride Leisure, Wyboston Lakes, Great North Rd, Wyboston, Bedfordshire, MK44 3AL

Can't find the date and time you are looking for?
Please contact our team on +44(0) 333 300 3403. We will be happy to help.
Operating times are from April to November.
Can't find the date you want? Buy a Gift Voucher and book in with us later.

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