May 29, 2015

Nearly new Jetpack for sale

Nearly new second hand Jetski attachment Jetpack for sale. Currently set up to use with a flyboard

Please call us for more details. T: 0333 300 3403

March 28, 2015

Ready to Jetlev 2015

Well thats it for the winter in St Barths with H2O Airlines. Here is a round up of images from of our amazing trip.

Back to the UK now refreshed and with a whole new set of skills.

Come fly with us at Opening Easter weekend in London

November 19, 2014

Jetlev Flyer get to fly James Constantino from Posh Pawn

After James Constantino from Prestige Pawn received a call from someone wanting to sell a water jetpack, Posh Pawn sent him to Jetlev Flyer UK to learn how to fly with the pro’s. Nicely flown James






November 05, 2014

A Jetlev-Flyer UK first

Ever since we started we have been speaking about offering flights to people with disabilities and this weekend Sean Rose took on the Jetlev-Flyer at Ride Leisure.

Sean lost the use of his legs in a skiing accident whilst in the RAF

Since then Sean has become an X-World Cup Skier, Double Winter Paralmpian and World Champion Water Skier, Adventurer, Equipment Designer and Motivational Speaker.

Well done Sean, we are proud of you.


October 28, 2014

October 23, 2014

October 20, 2014

A Fantastic week for Jetlev Flyer UK

Not only did we have our TV debut on BBC1;s The Apprentice last week, we also had a fantastic wright up in the Sunday Telegraph. 


Sunday Telegraph article

BBC1's The Apprentice - Series 2 Wearable Technology



October 15, 2014

Come fly with us


Jetlev-Flyer Water Jetpacks. High Flying as seen on BBC1's the Apprentice tonight




October 10, 2014

Check out our TV debut next week

Top marks to whoever spots us first
September 26, 2014

Jetlev-Flyer UK finishes off the Southampton Boat Show in Style

After a great boat show, the Jetlev Team were invited to the Sunseeker Charity Ball. Thanks to Usupport for the invite and Emily Adams from BBC1's The Voice for helping people flock to our stand.